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Pensacola, FL 32514
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Sunny Florida


A Beautful Beach Day

Family Vacation, Destin, FL

Mom on the Beach

South Africa Beach

The Great Sand Dunes, Colorado

Having a Good Day at a Florida Beach

Works Great in the Snow

Cruising on the Beach


You should take great pride in the fact that Brett is in awe of his new vehicle. We call it the hummer...On our first outing on the beach, we were stopped by two people who inquired about it. Hopefully we'll get some sales for you.

Thank you for producing such a nice product. I know it was engineered with such love and that is what makes it so special.
Dan & Connie Thomason

Hi Karen,

It was nice chatting with you last evening. It was great of the Town of Wellfleet (and Becky of the Recreation Department) to loan us their brand new chair for a few days a few weeks ago. It performed admirably up and down the dunes at Coast Guard Beach, and over the easier ground at Mayo Beach.
Terrific product!


Please accept my sincere thanks for your exemplary service. You and your  organization are a model of outstanding customer service, and more importantly examples of how we all should conduct ourselves personally and professionally. With my dad expecting to live only a few weeks, and his desire to spend as much time on the beach as possible, you were most accommodating. My dad passed away on April 7th, after spending three wonderful weeks on the beaches of Florida; you helped make his final weeks exactly what he wanted."
The past 2 days have been spent at the beach (about 3 minutes from home)  and the chair is as advertised. It makes one heck of a difference if you can get to the waters edge, instead of sitting on a bench out of sight and most especially if you are there with your granddaughter. Thank you so much for  making it FUN to go to the beach. The chair rolls very easily across the soft sand. My wife is my "pusher" and she says thanks also. I am attaching a photo of me at the beach, soaking up the sun and enjoying myself.  Thanks Chuck  Karen,

Thanks for the update...We love the chair.  The chair provides so much support and comfort for Molly.  You could tell the first time we put Molly in the chair how much she loved and appreciated it!  I will try and forward some pictures along for you.  My mom lives on the beach and these two pieces will provide my family years of memories and enjoyment to come.

Thanks again,
 Hi Karen,
We would be happy to add a link to your site. Your beach wheelchair is the BEST. I did post a review of it when I first got it. It is posted on my site at:  De-Bug All Terrain Wheelchair by Deming Designs, Inc . I also mention it in many of my beach reviews with Old Silver Beach , Scusset Beach State Reservation and Onset Beach.


We used one of your beachchairs in Cozemel, Mexico this past week. .It was wonderful to have my father (87) on the  beach with us.  He is still mobile but it is very difficult for him to  walk in the soft sand.  I would be interested in seeing a price listing for a basic  beachchair.  Thank you for a great product.  Jan Sparrow


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