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Standard Beach Wheelchairs
This page shows our two most popular beach wheelchairs. The standard chair with a fixed leg rest
and the deluxe chair with an elevating leg rest

Water Wheels
Newest floating beach wheelchair for beach and water mobility. Waterwheels is lightweight, yet sturdy, all-terrain chair that has capabilities for easier access in sand, soft soil and snow.

Pool Wheelchairs
Our chair easily converts into a Pool Chair. This allows easy access down a pool ramp and into the water for safe transfers in and out of the pool.

Individual Options
Need chest strap, headrest, or lateral supports; How about an umbrella or fishing pole holder?
No problem, we can add just about anything to make your beach wheelchair to suit your individual needs

Custom Beach Wheelchairs
For our customers who desire a highly customized chair, check out our Tilt-N-Space & Reclining chairs.

Beach Walkers
New! 2 Types of Beach Walkers, for people who just need a little support getting around

The Baby Bug
Finally! A Baby Jogger that really works on the beach!

The Mobi-Chair
A beach wheelchair that FLOATS in the water

Other Products
We also carry - Wheeleez with new items being added all the time!

Weight Control, Pain Management, Scar Healing Products
I know there are many wheelchair users struggling with weight control, pain management, slow metabolisms, and scars from both their injuries and surgeries, that would benefit from these products - Karen Deming

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