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The Para Ladder allows you to safely and independently return to a standing position form the floor using your arms and hands. The Para Ladder is the most revolutionary limited mobility transfer aid available. Most importantly, the Para Ladder allows you to retain your dignity during a transfer. In many cases, you will require little or no lifting assistance. Para Ladder Seat to Floor Transfer Aids are useful for wheelchair users and fully able-bodied people alike. The design behind the PL1000 is simple and ergonomic and can provide the long-awaited solution to safe, stable and dignified transfers for disabled persons living at home, traveling or in a health care environment. Para Ladder Seat to Floor Transfer Aids feature a folding frame that offers the dignity of unassisted floor-to-standing or floor-to-wheelchair transfers. Its light weight aluminum construction makes the PL1000 quick to retrieve and easy to transport. . Para Ladder Seat to Floor Transfer Aids can be conveniently stored in any room, bed side or most vehicles for quick retrieval.  Recommended by doctors, nurses, physical therapist, other medical professionals, home health and Para Ladder users. Used by top health care facilities such as Johns Hopkins Hospital, Kernen Hospital, and Crescent City Physical Therapy Clinics.

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