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De-Bug frame is constructed using #316L Stainless Steel tubing which is a higher grade than standard "#304 marine grade" stainless.

* Weight capacity 350 pounds standard, weight capacities up to 600 pounds can be accommodated for a nominal fee.

* Casters - rear wheels rotate 360 degrees . Wheel hubs are made from poly-nylon material to eliminate salt water corrosion.

The rear suspension also articulates +/- ~20 degrees, allowing all four wheels to remain in contact with the ground when going across uneven terrain, making it much more stable than standard outdoor wheelchairs.

* Swing away arm rests are also easily removable for Lateral transfers.

* Footrest-Has Linear position telescopic length adjustment and four position angle adjustment. The De-Bug also has a footrest for proper foot support.

* Wheel Lock - Adjustable tension wheel brake can be actuated independently on each side, uses all #316L stainless steel hardware.

* Chair weight - Forty pounds for a standard adult chair

* Chair width is ~33.5 inches to access a 36 inch doorway and is ~27 inches wide with the optional interchangeable pool wheels.

* Chair design is patented in the U.S. #380,991 and registered with agencies, and insurance companies.



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